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Project Summary

This client came to us needing to update their website, which was originally created on WIX and contained incorrect design elements. They were on an aggressive timeline, and we had to move quickly. The project was completed within a few days to coincide with the start of their marketing campaign. We redesigned their website using their existing WIX account, giving the entire site a modern, mobile-friendly, and clean look.

About All City Home Services: All City Home Services is a collective of service companies specializing in home repairs. We provide not only handyman and contracting services but also offerings from All City Termite, All City Pest Control, and All City Remediation. Our expansion plans don’t stop here—there’s more to come. With a focus on serving realtors and an understanding of escrow processes, we are confident in our estimates and our ability to get the job done for both realtors and homeowners. Feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions you may have.

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