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Open Source Solutions

At Tech Pro HQ, we have a strong appreciation for open-source software and, in some cases, even prefer it. One of the key benefits of many open-source projects or software is the control it provides over your data, including the option for on-premise solutions. This means your data isn't stored in the cloud, necessitating a robust 3-2-1 backup plan. Additionally, it can eliminate the need for expensive licensing fees. Some clients appreciate owning their data and the transparency of open-source code for security audits. Given recent issues of data mining and censorship in the tech world, this may be a requirement for some clients.

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Microsoft Office 365

Tech Pro HQ offers comprehensive support, licensing, and solutions for Microsoft Office 365, a platform utilized by millions of companies worldwide. Our team provides custom solutions and follows best practices. We take pride in our Azure 900-certified technicians and extensive experience in setting up Microsoft servers and infrastructure, including on-premise, hybrid models, and Azure Cloud.

Recently, our team has been working with Power Automate, a low-code solution encompassing PowerBI, PowerApps, Power Flow, and Power Virtual Agents. For companies relying on Microsoft products, Power Automate streamlines workflows involving multiple data sources like SQL, Excel, O365, SharePoint, and more. Setting up the necessary administration, governance, and nurturing programs requires some effort, but the benefits are significant.

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is a rapidly growing trend in technology, involving the hosting of hardware and/or software on third-party infrastructure, such as AWS, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure, or the upcoming Rumble cloud. Additionally, there are SAAS (software as a service) applications that don't require hosting your server; instead, they charge monthly fees for hosting and/or licensing.

While the cloud offers numerous benefits, navigating it can be complex, technical, and time-consuming. At Tech Pro HQ, we have experience with various cloud platforms and even feature MS Azure-900 certified technicians. Allow us to assist you in setting up, training, and supporting your cloud endeavors.

Contact us today for a consultation. The cloud can greatly enhance your technology requirements, but are you ready for it? If not, let us help you understand how it can benefit you.

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IT Infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure serves as the foundation and backbone of your business, making it essential to have a robust network architecture for reliability and performance. Our team offers consultation services and designs for dependable networks, providing routers, VPNs, switches, wireless solutions, and 3-2-1 backup strategies. Additionally, we specialize in microwave radio technology.

In response to the current emphasis on privacy, we offer on-premises infrastructure solutions. If you prefer a cloud-based approach, our team members hold AZ-900 certifications, demonstrating our expertise in Microsoft Azure.

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IT Support

Is your company in need of IT support? Our managed service provider contracts offer a comprehensive solution for a monthly fee. We can conduct a technology discovery at your office or business and, based on our findings, establish a baseline for supporting your users' PCs, servers, and network equipment. By utilizing our services, there is no need to hire a dedicated technology staff. Allow us to serve as your IT department. Our team is well-equipped to support small to medium-sized businesses.

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Development Solutions

Tech Pro HQ offers website and app development services, including expertise in automation processes using solutions like Microsoft Power Automate or custom apps tailored to your business needs. Our services cover website development, REST APIs, front-end, back-end, and full-stack development.

Let us assist you with your next technology development challenge. Our team is dedicated to problem-solving through software.

Please reach out to us to schedule a consultation. Even if we may not be the ideal team for your project, we can provide guidance on the best direction to take.

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