Barry Trucking Network

Project Summary

The project involved implementing a comprehensive network infrastructure solution for a small trucking company. The primary objective was to enhance communication and productivity by providing secure and dependable access to company resources for employees while they were on the road.

Project Details:
The project commenced with the installation of a virtual server, utilizing enterprise-grade solutions to ensure robustness and scalability. This virtual server was meticulously configured to facilitate remote access to company resources through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) system. This innovative approach allowed employees to securely access company data and applications from any location, using their laptops or mobile devices.

The core of the network infrastructure revolved around a high-performance router, delivering rapid and dependable internet access. Additionally, a layer 2 switch was strategically implemented to segment the network, thereby enhancing security measures.

To cater to the wireless connectivity needs of employees while on the road, we strategically deployed wireless access points (WAPs) within the office and trucking yards. This strategic placement empowered employees to seamlessly connect to the network using their mobile devices during their time on the premises.

Both the VPN system and WAPs were meticulously configured to utilize enterprise-grade security protocols, ensuring that data transmitted over the network remained safeguarded against unauthorized access.

The project was successfully executed within the specified schedule and budget. The trucking company has since reported notable improvements in communication and productivity among its employees. Furthermore, the implementation of the virtual server and VPN system has resulted in cost savings by reducing the reliance on physical servers and the need for dedicated office space for remote employees.

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